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Lights on the River of the Eternal Baby Moon (2015) (Performance, vinyl, turntables, props made of foam, wood, fabric, elastic, paint) In collaboration with Kathleen Taylor Lights on the River… was performed at Live Biennale. The performance included vinyl records that were physically altered to isolate specific grooves and sample sound through the addition of paint. By adapting the Morse Code alphabet to our body movements, the dancing physically stuttered the sounds playing on the turn tables. Through this amateur radio practice, of sound and movement, the performance addressed a preverbal love letter to the moon. Song list : “Clair de Lune” - Claude Debussy “Baby” - Dreamin’ Wild - Donny and Joe Emerson “Now is Night” and “Moonlit Night” - Doukhobour Centennial Expo ’67 Choir “The Blue Danube” - Herbert von Karajan & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Composed By Johann Strauss “Lux Aeterna”- György Ligeti “Carolina Moon”- Jim Reeves “Shine on Harvest Moon” - Billy Vaughn “Ebb Tide” and “Moonlight on the Ganges” - The New Ebb Tide - Frank Chacksfield and his Orchestra “The Blue Danube” - Rhythms of the South - Edmonde Ros and his Orchestra - Valse Creole (Strausss, arr. Ros, Hanmer) “Moon Over Montivideo” - Honey Moon in South America - The Rio Carnival Orchestra “Blue Moon” – Yvonne De Carlo with John Towner Orchestra
Here  Click to see Lunar Tunes, a Nasa Playlist that influenced the Songlist above