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Hypnic Jerk (2016) A hypnic jerk or sleep twitch is an involuntary movement that occurs at the moment an individual enters sleep. This sensation is comparable to the feeling of falling and causes an individual to suddenly wake. This exhibition was curated by Sung-Pil Yoon at Spare Room. As part of the show, the video Left Handed Glove was projected using the Peppers Ghost Effect, an illusion using a combination of projected image, plexi-glass, and a mirror. Through mixed media works, video installation and sculpture, the exhibition plotted the personal habits of a lone glove, which became the spectral motif of the exhibition. Drawings, Mr.Shaver and Gillette, were made with suspended pigment in shaving cream and framed with brass sheeting, a metal sensitive to the oils on our bodies. At the opening reception Mugwort tea was served with the intention that when viewers retired to their homes, and fell asleep that evening, a faint memory of the exhibition would extend into their dream cycles. Mugwort is a medicinal plant that contains traces of the psychoactive ingredient thujone. It is said to induce vivid dreams and aid in the practice of lucid dreaming and astral projection. Click to read a review by Jacquelyn Ross Here